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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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This video was a rough one for Tanner - from the silly string to the zombie survival kit, he was LITERALLY in the fire seat for this one! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out “I Bought… Nothing?! | Ridiculous Amazon Products” www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn9uUjwBaEk
Comment from : DOPE or NOPE

dang, 30 years or so makes a difference eh? XD
Comment from : ZGuy0fSci

Ramon Crespo
"I guess you heard that"
Im deaf

Comment from : Ramon Crespo

Ivan Flecha
19:25 highly pure oxygen can be toxic for long spams of time - but it is not that simple: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_toxicity and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperoxia
Comment from : Ivan Flecha

Lol. From the future; its now dope or nope.
Comment from : Thaddygus

Louis van der Meer
I think that useless box is awesome, a cool mindless thing to do
Comment from : Louis van der Meer

Create -Space
We made it well.

Comment from : Create -Space

Finley Parker
Is not one use you can replace the cancers with Silly String🔫🔫🔫
Comment from : Finley Parker

Floofy Leopard
They sell those oxygen cans an the Walmart here. But we’re also minimum at 6,035 feet. Before we climb a Mtn.
Comment from : Floofy Leopard

Hmm... Bukkake.
Comment from : Console

Helena Skjoth
omg tanner before the beard
Comment from : Helena Skjoth

Dan Hazard
"Violet you're turning Violet Violet"
Comment from : Dan Hazard

Your new episodes feet like you're talking at us and not with us.
Comment from : MiiniiMoc

Alfie Speakman
19:14 property of o’hare air
Comment from : Alfie Speakman

Jared Oday
you eat mcdonalds and pump yourself full of sugars and saturated fats but wont inhale oxygen. lul. later.
Comment from : Jared Oday

adam garland
I've seen a few of your episodes where you buy something and are afraid to try it, come on Matthias man up
Comment from : adam garland

Free Lunch
Oxycodone and THC.

Your welcome.

Comment from : Free Lunch

These dudes freaking tf out over cans of literal air.
Comment from : DeadlyFredXXX

Josh A

We are standing outside of hi5 studios where tanner ate a fire starter cube and ate Taco Bell, we are standing in front of the biggest fire on earth

Matt: I read it and he said “let’s get Taco Bell”

Tanners wife: he always had something wrong

Fire fighters from the scene “ he must have had a supreme Taco”

Press F in chat rip hi5 studios toilet

Comment from : Josh A

David Bevans
When I was little I thought that march had 32 days and April 1st was a prank😂😂
Comment from : David Bevans

Randomthings 2468
Do eBay prouducts
Comment from : Randomthings 2468

C b
I'm pretty sure that was a fire starter hahahaha
Comment from : C b

Sam Harrison
What u came for

Comment from : Sam Harrison

Matthew Megenity
wow, you guys look way younger with no beards, same probalem with myself tbh, i leave the beard fully grown. Keep up the great video's guys! love'em!
Comment from : Matthew Megenity

DogeDude Playz
Comment from : DogeDude Playz

Dylan Rochelle
What happened to this channel? It’s went to poopy.
Comment from : Dylan Rochelle

Zaiden tortorici
hi you guys are awosome
Comment from : Zaiden tortorici

kamrongamertv yeet
the 2 is dope
Comment from : kamrongamertv yeet

Darla Masel
3:15 sounds like a dying squirrel
Comment from : Darla Masel

Earl Taboada
Don't try drugs at home. Oh so I can do it in a private place?
Comment from : Earl Taboada

The boost is 95% oxygen unlike ours it is healthier
Comment from : A-ARON04

Piper D
I would use the useless box for school when I'm bored
Comment from : Piper D

CJ34 Vlogs
R.I.P The Yankees Jersey
Comment from : CJ34 Vlogs

R Willems
In Colorado they sell Boost Oxygen at the Safeway (grocery store) pharmacy. It's super common at high elevation areas. Sometimes I get it if I'm feeling sluggish or hung over. It's legit and safe.
Comment from : R Willems

Cocco's network
Does anybody think mat is peeing 5:56
Comment from : Cocco's network

Juku Tõnuri
19:10 Guys don't do drugs AT HOME. Like can they do it outside?
Comment from : Juku Tõnuri

emerald lab
My guenia pig was freaking out when you tested the pooter
Comment from : emerald lab

Ayni Ibrahim
For the fart one did you put the hole at the top or the bottom
Comment from : Ayni Ibrahim

Pineappleparty Kenzie
This was posted the day before my birthday! My birthday is August 30
Comment from : Pineappleparty Kenzie

Tina W
Farts so hard
Comment from : Tina W

Ben Bowmen
He hate a fire starter. I call it from the get-go.
Comment from : Ben Bowmen

Tanner and Matt looks so young in this one😂
Comment from : Rothmann84

Jason Rosalez
Those ears
Comment from : Jason Rosalez

Sydney Phillips
“Guys don’t try drugs at home”... it’s just oxygen 😍😍
Comment from : Sydney Phillips

My Best Life
Humans: breathing is easy and not scary

Matthias: 😨 "breathing oxygen makes me uneasy, im not comfortable with this"

Comment from : My Best Life

Dalton James
@19:00 I think you can tell matt has never smoked anything lolol
Comment from : Dalton James

anastacia saunders
Can I have the ussless Bix plz
Comment from : anastacia saunders

Jezdamayel Caster
I am Currently smoking drugs. do not do drugs.
Comment from : Jezdamayel Caster

Shelby Jacks
It might not be called sparkle but I doubt “shake for head” would be the marketing their going for😂
Comment from : Shelby Jacks

Amelia Guy
U could put petrol
Comment from : Amelia Guy

T Broad
95% oxygen he says with no worry..
I'm like what about the other 5%... I think it's drugs that is why Tanner said it felt drug like. I think...

Comment from : T Broad

Mikey Dinh
the oxygen boost is for mountain climbing when your low on oxygen.
Comment from : Mikey Dinh

They used to put candy in the survival kits on rafts, i believe in WWII. It has enough calories to survive for a while.
Comment from : dusso4231

Tanner Dean
Hey my name's Tanner
Comment from : Tanner Dean

....you made him eat the fire-starter....
Comment from : Zancrus

Brandon Lutz
I miss rekt
Comment from : Brandon Lutz

Jack Rourk
Is anyone else thinking cum shot
Comment from : Jack Rourk

Krisden Baltazar
2019 anyone? tanner looks hella weird!!
Comment from : Krisden Baltazar

Goat 247savage
C. C c. C c c
Comment from : Goat 247savage

annie monday
3:12 the fart is identical to tanners laugh
Comment from : annie monday

Wolfy 3007409
Hey I knew this is an old video but do you think you could do a my hero acidamia anime product dope or nope??? If you do I think the best place to get the items is on amazon.com, but I would love to see that from you and I think others would to but yeah. Like I said I would love to see that from you guys on dope or nope!! I love you guys hope you do the video idea
Comment from : Wolfy 3007409

Abyssian Angel
“I dont feel any different....it felt kinda druggy”
Comment from : Abyssian Angel

Shadow Noob
the days before dope or nope
Comment from : Shadow Noob

avery gamez 123
15:25 did tanner just eat kindling
Comment from : avery gamez 123

Comment from : litboievan

Lol my dog’s name is Pooter😂 also, I think the zombie gun isn’t one use, o think you can just refill it with regular cans of silly string after the first can runs empty. And “fancy dress” parties are what customers parties are called in some other countries👍🏻
I wonder if the oxygen could be good for people who have severe anxiety attacks (like myself) and/or hyperventilate, to open up airways and give them oxygen??

Comment from : Glamour.Beast

Ally Q
I never realized Matt's nose was so big wtf
Comment from : Ally Q

Chibi The Floof
0:00 lmao he looks like a potato doing that 😂
Comment from : Chibi The Floof

Cyn Griffin
The boosted air said "95%oxygen,pure oxygen
Comment from : Cyn Griffin

Tyreese Saltus
Anyone else watching in 2k19 and not recognise either of 'em? XD
Comment from : Tyreese Saltus

AJ Saraiva
Buy stuff from vat19
Comment from : AJ Saraiva

william 209
RIP gunner
Comment from : william 209

Gacha FurLife
The tenth item could be for a stress reliever.
Comment from : Gacha FurLife

Gareth G
I made a LEGO technic pneumatic useless box, and when you get it up to pressure, it will flip the switch back faster than you can York your hand away. About 50 times faster than that one.
Comment from : Gareth G

He was baymax for five minutes....
Comment from : GoldPHOENIX

Dope or Nope: Kids don't due drugs


Comment from : Batman206039

Jomar Oliveras
Matthias pass gas
Comment from : Jomar Oliveras

CC Karas
in the begging you made me laugh so hard
Comment from : CC Karas

Eli Bower
Just buy more silly string
Comment from : Eli Bower

cullen jesse
Hey r u in team edge
Comment from : cullen jesse

Rileu Barber
My school used to use the chub suit to do a guessing game of who was inside it in football games
Comment from : Rileu Barber

mmgirl 24
I actually have a pooter lol yep I do, my whole family has one lol we go around using it and to see people reactions are awesome
Comment from : mmgirl 24

I wonder what would happen if you used the Boost oxygen thing during the Wim Hof Technique
Comment from : stay_whack_zach

I like your videos but I won’t sub to people who ask for likes, subs and/or to hit the bell
Comment from : Ty_Harris83

alex gamingYT
Pooter is b** in Spanish
Comment from : alex gamingYT

Christopher Tomlinson
You are the best channel ever
Comment from : Christopher Tomlinson

Lucia Castrejon
Omg, when they were trying the oxygen boost thing and he made the air come out, my fan blew on me and it tripped me out 😂😂
Comment from : Lucia Castrejon

Lily Myers
Comment from : Lily Myers

Sylvie Toakesse
Yeet yeet boy juice=water
Comment from : Sylvie Toakesse

Trinity Monthey
This was when tanner was ugly lolol
Comment from : Trinity Monthey

kristy luke
Play I was the news the blue jumpsuit for the
girl in Willy Wonka

Comment from : kristy luke

aly struhl
Why did the face beer glass say “Age 14 and up” 😐😐😐😐😐
Comment from : aly struhl

do ebay prodects
Comment from : savage

Gabrielle Radke
Hi I'm your biggest fan in the galaxy
Comment from : Gabrielle Radke

Eruraviel MacGyver
Eats fire starter cube.
Matthias: reads instructions, starts laughing.
I had watch that one over five times. And I will probably come back several days later and do it again. Then repeat.

Comment from : Eruraviel MacGyver

Russ T series stinks
The nerf gun made more fart noises than the pooer thing
Comment from : Russ T series stinks

Animate Bros
Set 13:53 that's a fire starter
Comment from : Animate Bros

Icey life
When dope or nope was evolving
Comment from : Icey life

Kathy Griffith
Comment from : Kathy Griffith

Stephen Cutting
straight up crooked?
Comment from : Stephen Cutting

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